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[S2E29] 🚔 Crime & Desistance with Adam Hunt Beyond Japan with Oliver Moxham

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Praise for Beyond Japan

Beyond Japan has quickly emerged as one of the best podcasts in Japanese studies. I listen regularly and could certainly see myself using these podcasts in my teaching as well.”

Professor Bryan Lowe, Assistant Professor of Religion, Princeton University. Beyond Japan: Looking Back a Year On

Beyond Japan is one of only a very few podcasts that showcases recent research in Japanese Studies at a professional level of production.”

Dr Paula R. Curtis, Postdoctoral Fellow, Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies, UCLA. Beyond Japan: Looking Back a Year On

“I am a devoted listener of the Beyond Japan podcast. I have listed Beyond Japan as a potential resource in my Oxford University MSc/MPhil syllabus on Japanese politics.”

Dr Giulio Pugliese, Lecturer in Japanese Politics and International Relations, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies. Beyond Japan: Looking Back a Year On

An accessible, citeable source

Hear something quotable? Episodes S2E23 onwards are being released with transcripts so you can cite Beyond Japan in your writing. We aim to have the entire back catalogue transcribed by September 2022.

Transcriptions are also being converted into subtitles which can be watched on our YouTube channel in an effort to be more accessible for those in our global audience who speak English as a second language.

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Tune in to #BeyondJapan today for a look at crime in Japan and the UK. Oliver is joined by Adam Hunt, PhD candidate Sheffield University, to explore how opportunities for ex-convicts affects “desistance”, efforts to reduce reoffending.

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About Beyond Japan

Podcast host, Oliver Moxham

The Beyond Japan podcast is an exciting means of delivering the latest research in Japanese Studies in digital form. While initially a response to the limitations imposed on our traditional research seminar series by COVID-19, Beyond Japan has gone on to be a dynamic means of taking our research initiatives online, bringing cutting edge topics in the field to you in a widely accessible format. Read our 2020-21 annual report here.

Beyond Japan, hosted by Oliver Moxham, Project Support Officer at the Sainsbury Institute and researcher of Japanese war heritage, aims to demonstrate the interdisciplinary breadth of Japanese Studies through interviewing experts on the diverse range of subjects it encompasses from archaeology to international relations to avant-garde calligraphy. Interviewees are also asked about their background to explore how a blossoming interest in Japan can lead to becoming an expert across a broad spectrum of fields.

If you would like to suggest a topic to be explored in the podcast, you can make a recommendation through the form below:

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