Friday Food For Thought: Japan cautious as 6 of G7 back Chinese sanctions

In response to the appalling treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, China by the Chinese government, the G7 have together issued a slew of hard-hitting sanctions – all except Japan. Oliver explores the fine balancing act of Sino-Japanese relations behind this decision.

[S1E29] 🏚️ Disaster Heritage with Dr Andrew Littlejohn

Oliver is joined by Dr Andrew Littlejohn of Leiden University to discuss disaster heritage around the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Together they explore how disaster heritage fosters debate around the relationship between humans and their environments, as well as its potential to disrupt authorised heritage discourse.

Friday Food For Thought: More Tokyo 2021 gaffes and body-shaming in Japan

In the aftermath of Yoshiro Mori’s resignation as the head of the Olympics Committee for his derogatory comments on women, another senior head of the committee has rolled after creative chief Hiroshi Sasaki announced his resignation after suggesting plus-size comedian Naomi Watanabe could feature as an “Olympig”. It’s difficult to believe that after Mori’s blunderContinue reading “Friday Food For Thought: More Tokyo 2021 gaffes and body-shaming in Japan”

[S1E28] 🎌 Nihonjinron: the Future of “Japanese-ness” with Prof David Rear

Oliver is joined by Professor David Rear of Chuō University to discuss the once-dominant discourse of nihonjinron, or “Japanese-ness”, which has shaped many aspects of Japanese society over the last century through its ideas of Japanese uniqueness and group-consciousness.

Friday Food For Thought: What is a ‘natural’ disaster?

Following the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, or ‘3/11’ as it is known colloquially, it is no wonder that the nature of disasters should be on our mind. In this Friday’s Food For Thought, Oliver asks what makes a disaster ‘natural’?

[S1E27] ⚒️ 福島の古墳:東日本大震災以降の発掘調査 菊地芳朗教授(福島大学)

This week we present a special Japanese-language episode of Beyond Japan with Professor Kikuchi Yoshio on the Kofun of Fukushima to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

[S1E26] 🌎 Japanese Diaspora with Professor Wolfram Manzenreiter

Oliver is joined by Professor Wolfram Manzenreiter of the University of Vienna to discuss Japanese Diasporas, taking a look at the connection between these communities and their indigenous roots in Japan.

Friday Food For Thought: What is your heritage?

With this week’s Beyond Japan episode and my presentation at the Japan Foundation-BAJS Postgraduate workshop, a question has been recurring in my head: what is my heritage? Through my research, I have had to define Japanese heritage, using Japan Heritage as a sort of standard for its national heritage image. Have a look at theirContinue reading “Friday Food For Thought: What is your heritage?”

[S1E25] ⛰️ Heritage-Making with Professor Aike Rots

Oliver is joined by Aike Rots, Associate Professor of Japan Studies at the University of Oslo, to discuss Heritage-Making in Japan, examining how the process of ‘heritagisation’ can secularise and politicise religious sites, such as Shinto shrines and natural areas of religious significance to Okinawan and Ainu communities, and the role of nationalism within heritage.