Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures

Located in the city centre on the premises of Norwich Cathedral, the Sainsbury Institute is a unique world-leading centre for the study of Japanese arts and cultures, with an expanded global network of scholars and art professionals, regular events programme, a welcoming community of in-house and visiting scholars, and invaluable Lisa Sainsbury Library, which holds its own special collections of original artworks and primary sources.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

The intellectual rigour of the programme will be complemented by access to the unique collection of Japanese art at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts located at UEA’s campus. The collection boasts outstanding examples of prehistoric art, Buddhist sculptures, paintings and ceramics. The collection will provide students with a first-hand experience of studying Japan’s material culture through artefacts, and learning about Japan’s past and present through art objects. Students will be encouraged to use this collection for their study, and to gather experience in curating, researching, and communicating about Japanese culture.

“I hope you will examine with me the intellectual exchanges that shaped Japan as a modern nation.”

Dr Nadine Willems, Lecturer in Japanese History

Applications open for 2023

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