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Japan Forum is the official journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies. Its primary objectives are to publish original research in the field of Japanese Studies; and to make international scholarship available to both specialists and non-specialists.

Japan Forum is multidisciplinary; publishing contributions from across the arts and humanities and the social sciences including from: archaeology, language, literature, philosophy and culture; as well as history, economics, politics, international relations and law.

The current editorial team took over in 2021 and are chiefly based at University of East Anglia.  Through our connection with the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures we are wishing to increase submissions from the visual arts, but we also welcome submissions that cross disciplinary boundaries or that do not otherwise match the above subject areas. 

We award the annual Ian Nish Prize to early career submissions that demonstrates innovation through research. (For previous winners, including this year’s, please follow this link.)

All submissions are independently refereed.

Please follow this link to the journal’s website and the latest online issue.

Latest articles

Japan Forum Editorial Team

Chief Editor:

Hannah Osborne – University of East Anglia, UK (hannah.l.osborne@uea.ac.uk)

Managing Editor: 

Laurence Green – SOAS University of London, UK (japanforum@soas.ac.uk)


Simon Kaner – University of East Anglia, UK (s.kaner@uea.ac.uk)

Rayna Denison – University of Bristol, UK (r.denison@bristol.ac.uk)

Ra Mason – University of East Anglia, UK (ra.mason@uea.ac.uk)

Sherzod Muminov – University of East Anglia, UK (s.muminov@uea.ac.uk)

Reviews Editors:

Eriko Tomizawa-Kay – University of East Anglia, UK (e.tomizawa-kay@uea.ac.uk)

Christopher Hayes – Teesside University, UK (c.hayes@tees.ac.uk)

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