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[S2E2] 👐 Power Spots with Caleb Carter Beyond Japan with Oliver Moxham

  1. [S2E2] 👐 Power Spots with Caleb Carter
  2. [S2E1] 👂 Reinterpreting Difficult Heritage: Mimizuka, "Hill of Ears" with Oliver Moxham
  3. [S1E46] Gardens of War Memory with Prof Toshio Watanabe
  4. [S1E45] The Ainu in Japan with Amanda McGuire
  5. [S1E44] Prehistoric Tragedy: The Oldest Shark Attack Victim with J. Alyssa White
  6. [S1E43] Bronze Age Globalization with Dr Mark Hudson
  7. [S1E42] Japan in the British Media with Dr Christopher Hayes
  8. [S1E41] Tech, Art & Rehabilitation with Kanako Nakamura
  9. [S1E40] Futurism: A Global Art Movement with Dr Daria Melnikova
  10. [S1E39] Gagaku: Court Music Through the Ages with Professor Fabio Rambelli

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