[S1E20] ☸️ Buddhism as Lived Religion in Rural Japan with Dr Paulina Kolata

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Oliver is joined by Dr Paulina Kolata to discuss lived religion in rural Japan, exploring the active role Buddhism and its institutions play in day-to-day life in such issues as rural depopulation. Paulina Kolata obtained her PhD in 2019 from The University of Manchester. She is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Manchester Metropolitan University and an Early Career Research Fellow at The University of Manchester. Her doctoral work investigated the religious, economic, and social impact of depopulation and demographic ageing in Buddhist temple communities in regional Japan. Currently, she is developing a book manuscript based on her doctoral research.

Paulina’s research profile

You can read Paulina’s chapter on rural temples and heritage through Routledge here.

Image credits: All photographs taken by Dr Paulina Kolata.

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