CJS Research Webinar: The Politics of Painting – Japanese Art during the Second World War

Thursday 11 March
14:00-15:00 GMT
Zoom Webinar

Professor Asato Ikeda’s presentation will be based on her book The Politics of Painting: Fascism and Japanese Art during the Second World War (Honolulu: University of Hawaii, 2018). The book examines a set of paintings produced in Japan during the 1930s and early 1940s that have received little scholarly attention. Ikeda views work by prominent artists of the time through the lens of fascism, showing their seemingly straightforward paintings of Mount Fuji, samurai, beautiful women, and the countryside supported the war by reinforcing a state ideology that justified violence in the name of the country’s cultural authenticity.

About the Speaker

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Asato IKEDA earned post-secondary degrees in Canada. Her research interests lie in modern Japanese art in particular and Asian art in general, and the topics of imperialism/colonialism, war, fascism, museums, sex, gender, and sexuality.

Her primary research is about Japanese paintings produced during the Second World War. Her scholarship, which revisits the question of Japanese fascism, will be published as a monograph Fashioning Fascism: Japanese Paintings during the Second World War from the University of Hawaii Press in 2017. Part of her research has been published as the journal article “The Japanese Art of Fascist Modernism: Yasuda Yukihiko’s Arrival of Yoshitsune/Camp at Kisegawa (1940-41)” in Modernism/modernity (https://modernismmodernity.org/articles/japanese-art-fascist-modernism-yasuda-yukihiko’s-arrival-yoshitsunecamp-kisegawa-1940-41). She has co-edited the first English-language anthology on the topic of Japanese war art, Art and War in Japan and its Empire, 1931-1960 (Leiden, Brill, 2012), which has been reviewed in major scholarly journals (Art Bulletin, impressions, and the Journal of Military History).

See her university profile here.

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