[S1E30] 🌾 Big Data in Prehistory with Dr Enrico Crema

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Oliver is joined by Dr Enrico Crema of the University of Cambridge to discuss how big data is revolutionising our understandings of prehistoric societies, laying out shifts in demographics and cultural exchange that occurred with early migration from the Korean peninsula to the Japanese mainland. Enrico explains the breadth and range of the ENCOUNTER project he is heading and how by analysing the impressive archaeological record found in Japan allows for new depths to our understanding of immigration and cultural boundaries long before recorded history, precisely at the shift from the Jōmon era to the Yayoi era (c. 300 BCE). We apologise for the slightly reduced audio quality of this week’s episode brought about by unavoidable technical issues.

Enrico’s research profile

Image credits

[L] “連綿と続く米への情熱 Perpetual Passion for Rice” by Yuya Sekiguchi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

[R] Hypothesised timing of the spread of wet-rice farming (from Kobyashi, K.  2009 Kinkichihoito no chiiki he no kakusan. in: Nishimoto, T. (Eds.). Yayoi-jidai no hajimari to sono nendai, Yuzankaku, Tokyo, pp. 55–82.

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