[S1E37] 📸 Digitising Cultural Artefacts with Dr Ryōko Matsuba

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Oliver is joined by Dr Ryōko MATSUBA, Lecturer in Japanese Digital Arts and Humanities at the Sainsbury Institute, to discuss the digitisation process of cultural artefacts. Ryōko is a specialist on Edo printed culture with wide-ranging experience of scanning kabuki prints and many other museum artefacts to create digital copies. As well as allowing for greater accessibility, Ryōko explains how digitisation facilitates international research by broadening online resources and creating new perspectives on delicate artefacts. We also discuss the practical challenges and ethics of digitisation as well as the details of a technical workshop at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts being held this week as part of our Shōtoku Intervention. For more details on the Shōtoku Intervention, you can revisit our Shōtoku miniseries, episodes #32, #33 and #34.

Image credits

Photographs by Dr Ryōko MATSUBA, digitisation with students at the British Museum and Smithsonian.

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