[S1E42] 📺 Japan in the British Media with Dr Christopher Hayes

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Oliver is joined by Dr Christopher Hayes, Lecturer in Tourism & Events, Teesside University, to discuss “Binaries of Representation: Japan in the British Media”. Chris will share his insights on British travel shows that see TV personalities like Paul Hollywood or Sue Perkins travel the archipelago and reduce it to binary tropes such as “traditional Japan” and “ultra-futuristic Japan”, or “traditional Japan” and “weird Japan”. Chris also explains how Japan’s own official tourism discourse is complicit in creating these narratives.

Read Chris’ article: Othered, Orientalised, and Opposingly Depicted: The Persistence of Stereotyping of Japan in the British Press


Paul Hollywood Eats Japan

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Young Sex in Japan

Sexless in Japan – BBC News

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Introduction clip: Japan geeks: Virtual girlfriends from No Sex Please, We’re Japanese

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