International Interdisciplinary Workshop on Ageing in Japan and the UK

9th September 2021

Last Booking Date for this Event: 9th September 2021

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This is a partnership event between UEA and Tohoku University.

The workshop will offer an interdisciplinary platform from which to examine how, with a particular focus upon Japan and the UK, advanced economies might learn from one another and develop more integrated medical, social, economic and politico-administrative systems in order to contribute towards developing systemic improvements, reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience. This will be targeted at improving engagement with, and development of, better integrated responses to the challenges presented by ageing society. Our aspirational agenda is to develop research networks that adopt methodologically credible interdisciplinary approaches and responses to practical problems arising from ageing society in Japan and the UK, with a view to wider application across advanced economies. The workshop, therefore, serves as a starting point from which to advance this agenda.

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