[S2E4] 📸 Contents Tourism with Dr Philip Seaton

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Oliver is joined by Dr Philip Seaton, professor in the Institute of Japan Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, to discuss “Contents Tourism”, travel behaviour motivated by narratives, characters and locations from pop culture. Philip explains how contents tourism stands out from film or literature tourism through its transmedia approach, the term’s origins in Japan and the global nature of the phenomena.

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Read Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom: Transnational Tourist Experiences (Aspects of Tourism)

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Intro-outro audio: jasonszklarek / MotionElements.com

[L] A Hayabusa plane outside the Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots in southern Kyushu. The panel under the tree explains it was used during filming of the 2007 kamikaze film For Those We Love. Provided by Philip Seaton.

[R] A fan of Shinsengumi takes a photo of a stuffed toy on her mobile phone at the site where Hijikata Toshizo was killed during the Battle of Hakodate in 1869. Provided by Philip Seaton.

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