[S2E7] 👘 Dorozome Textiles: Traditional Crafts Today with Dr Charlotte Linton

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Oliver is joined by Dr Charlotte Linton, Robert & Lisa Sainsbury Research Fellow at the Sainsbury Institute, to discuss dorozome (泥染め) textiles and traditional crafts today. Charlotte will share with us how her change from the fashion industry to academia over environmental concerns brought her to the dorozome or mud-dyeing workshop of Amami Ōshima, Okinawa to understand the challenges and benefits of traditional crafting methods in a world dominated by fast fashion.

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[L] The Tatsugo pattern of Ōshima tsumugi kimono silk

[R] Kazuhito Kanai of the natural dyeing workshop Kanai Kougei, mordanting silk yarns in the dorota (mud-field), which is naturally rich in iron.

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