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Oliver is joined by Brittany Rapone, PhD candidate at the School of Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, to discuss attitudes towards pets and animal cafés in Japan. Brittany walks us through the cultural commonality of human-animal relationships and the “rent-a-pet” model of animal cafés in Japan, providing the iyashi, or “comfort”, of animal interaction at an hourly rate.


Recommended reading

Wildlife being imported into Japan for exotic pets. From an NPO called TRAFFIC that often uses in-country Japanese researchers:

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Progression of cat cafés and exotic animal cafés throughout East and Southeast Asia (useful graphs):

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Three articles on ethnographic work on cat café’s in Japan. Addresses iyashi and the contributing factors for the need of iyashi Japanese society:

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Overview of the history of pets in japan and them being ‘family’:

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Pets as ‘family’ and info on pet cemeteries in Japan:

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[L] Cat café photo provided by Brittany Rapone.

[R] “Enticing for an owl cafe” by neil.dalphin is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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