[S2E28] 🐫 On the Silk Road(s) with Prof Susan Whitfield

Oliver is joined by Susan Whitfield, Professor in Silk Road Studies at the Sainsbury Institute, to gain a new perspective on the mass of historic maritime and land-based routes known as the Silk Roads. Susan gives us a taste of the material and cultural impact of the enormous trade network stretching to the ends of Europe, Africa and Asia from the 2nd Century BCE, as well as highlighting the role of Japan and China in establishing the network as World Heritage.

[S1E22] 💹 Sanpō Yoshi & Stakeholder Capitalism

Listen on your favourite podcast platform or stream on YouTube Oliver is joined by Daisuke Tsuchiya, Partner at the Brunswick Group and head of Global Japan Practice, to discuss the Japanese business philosophy of ‘Sanpō Yoshi’, or the ‘good for three parties’. Daisuke argues that this notion of stakeholder capitalism, where a successful business mustContinue reading “[S1E22] 💹 Sanpō Yoshi & Stakeholder Capitalism”