Call for Papers: Internationalisation Revisited

In July 2021, hosted by the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, Dr Christopher Hayes and Dr Duncan Breeze brought together an international group of scholars for the event ‘Internationalisation Interrupted’: a workshop that explored the global position of Japan during the build-up to Tokyo 2020. One year on, and two Olympic events later, we now once again invite scholars back for a follow-up event that considers the impact of the games on Japan.

[S2E14] 👩‍👦 Nostalgia & Motherhood with Dr Forum Mithani

This week we are joined by Dr Forum Mithani, British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow at the School of Modern Languages at Cardiff University, to discuss her research on the role of nostalgia in shaping expectations of motherhood.

[S1E17] 🤵‍ Dansō Crossdressing and Gender in Japan with Dr Marta Fanasca

Listen on your favourite podcast platform Oliver is joined by Dr Marta Fanasca, researcher of Japanese and Gender Studies at the University of Manchester, to discuss gender in Japan through Dansō crossdressing escort services. We discuss issues of applying universal understandings of gender and LGBTQ+ terminology in a national context, challenge the Euro-American term ofContinue reading “[S1E17] 🤵‍ Dansō Crossdressing and Gender in Japan with Dr Marta Fanasca”