Beyond Japan Ep. #14: ‘Super-Aged’ Japan with Dr Iza Kavedžija

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This week we are joined by Dr Iza Kavedžija, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Exeter, to discuss ‘super-aged’ Japan, the challenges of a top-heavy demographic and how to live a meaningful, hopeful life in the face of crisis. 

Iza’s research profile is available here.


Reorienting Hopes

The good life in balance: Insights from ageing Japan


Social care Japanese style – what we can learn from the world’s oldest population

The Japanese concept of ikigai: why purpose might be a better goal than happiness

Interview in Japanese by Eikoku News Digest

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[L] ひいおばあちゃんと曾孫 by k14

[R] お年寄りに注意 by cyberwonk

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