[S1E36] 🤖 Robotics in Elder Care with Dr Naonori Kodate

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Oliver is joined by Dr Naonori Kodate, Associate Professor in Social Policy and Director of Research at University College Dublin, who will introduce us to the growing phenomenon of robotics in elder care. In super-aged Japan, robots are becoming more and more common in assisting care staff in a wide range of activities, from heavy-lifting to night-nursing, as the human workforce decreases due to depopulation and strict migration policies. Nao’s research indicates robots can be more than tools, providing social contact for a demographic commonly afflicted by loneliness. What’s more, as other nations begin to see ageing populations, robots in the care home may soon become the norm.

For a better understanding of Japan’s ageing demographic, listen back to our episode on ‘Super-Aged Japan’.


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