[S1E18] 📲 Digitising Japanese Studies with Dr Paula Curtis

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For our final episode of 2020, Oliver is joined by Dr Paula Curtis, historian of premodern Japan at Yale University, for a topical discussion on Digital Japanese Studies, considering how moving the field online through incorporating digital methods, tools and resources might alter its future direction. We consider the benefits and challenges of digitising Japanese Studies  from compiling open-access databases to online networking.

Beyond Japan will be taking a break over Christmas, resuming on the 14th of January 2021. We will be joined then by Dr Jamie Coates, anthropologist and Lecturer in East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield, to look at migrant communities in Tokyo and Japan at large, challenging the homogenous image of a nation whose future depends on their currently overlooked migrant population. Until then, メリクリ and よいお年を!

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[L] Digitising newspapers at the University Library Svetozar Markovic by europeananewspapers

[R] Digital Archives of From Blanks to Sensitivity by mhrs.jp

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