[S1E24] ⛩️ Modern Shinto with Dana Mirsalis

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Oliver is joined by Dana Mirsalis, PhD candidate at Harvard University, to take a look at Shinto in Modern Japan. Together we unpack the tricky task of defining what Shinto is, whether it is an unofficial Japanese religion, a Japanese religion or even a religion at all. We also explore the ways Shinto shapes and is engaged with by contemporary Japanese as well as the shifting roles of women within the priesthood.

Dana’s research profile, website and Twitter (@DanaMirsalis)

Image credits:

[L] Priesthood students of Kōgakkan University by Dana Mirsalis

[R] “Sumiyoshitaisha Shinto Shrine, Osaka, Japan” by Geoff Whalan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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