[S1E40] 👨‍🎨 Futurism: A Global Art Movement with Dr Daria Melnikova

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Oliver is joined by Dr Daria Melnikova, Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellow at the Sainsbury Institute, to discuss the art movement of Futurism in the early 20th century and how collaborating Russian and Japanese artists within the movement challenged its founding principles and Eurocentric nature.

Japanese time periods mentioned:

Taishō period: 1912-1926 AD

Image credits

[L] Kinoshita Shūichirō, A Maiko Hitting a Drum (1921) painting, published as a postcard by the Arts and Crafts Association, Tokyo. Work destroyed (photograph provided by Omuka Toshiharu)

[R] Fumon Gyo, Deer, Youth, Light, Cross (1920) oil on canvas 64.7 x 80 cm, Nara Prefectural Museum

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