[S2E30] 🏛️ Discovering Museums with Sophie Richard

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Oliver is joined by Sophie Richard, art historian, museum specialist and acclaimed writer, as we explore art museums in Japan of every variety. From her training at École du Louvre, Sophie has visited museums across the archipelago, broadening her understanding of what a museum can be and inspiring her to write a book on capturing this for the non-Japanese speaking art lover.

Read Sophie’s book, The Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums.

Museums by order of mention:

So ends the second series of Beyond Japan! As Oliver starts his PhD in the autumn, the third series of Beyond Japan will continue with monthly instalments on the first Thursday of every month from September 2022. In the meantime, do get in touch and let us know what you have enjoyed and what you might like added to the series – we would be particularly interested in knowing if the addition of transcriptions and subtitles has improved the experience for you.

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[L] The Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums.

[R] Oliver at the D T Suzuki Museum (2015). Photograph courtesy of Chhorvy.

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