CJS Research Webinar: The Eastern cousins of European sovereign states? Territorial sovereignty in early modern Japan

Join us on Thursday 13th October for the autumn series of our CJS Research Seminars with Naosuke Mukoyama, who will be re-evaluating the idea of the sovereign state through the lens of early modern Japan.

[S2E30] 🏛️ Discovering Museums with Sophie Richard

Oliver is joined by Sophie Richard, art historian, museum specialist and acclaimed writer, as we explore art museums in Japan of every variety. From her training at École du Louvre, Sophie has visited museums across the archipelago, broadening her understanding of what a museum can be and inspiring her to write a book on capturing this for the non-Japanese speaking art lover.

[S2E29] 🚔 Crime & Desistance with Adam Hunt

Oliver is joined by Adam Hunt, PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, to compare crime between Japan and the UK and how factors such as attitudes towards former convicts affects “desistance”; that is, attempts to reduce the rate of reoffending.

[S2E1] 👂 Reinterpreting Difficult Heritage: Mimizuka, “Hill of Ears” with Oliver Moxham

Welcome back to the second series of Beyond Japan! This week the tables are turned as Professor Simon Kaner, Director of the Sainsbury Institute, interviews host Oliver Moxham on the topic of his recently completed master’s thesis, Reinterpreting Difficult Heritage.

Disaster Tourism in Fukushima: Respectful or Dark?

In Oliver’s Friday Food For Thought, he wrote of a call from some Fukushima residents to turn ruins of the tsunami into a heritage site, similar to the Genbaku Dome in Hiroshima. The disaster should certainly be remembered, but what is the right way to do so? In 2018, CNN described Fukushima’s tourism “comeback”, citingContinue reading “Disaster Tourism in Fukushima: Respectful or Dark?”

Christmas in Japan

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in Japan? On Christmas day, we at the Centre for Japanese Studies present to you an insightful video on the matter from the H-Net archives to answer this question. Christmas in Japan: Globalization versus Localization (2004) by Junko Kimura and Russell Belk takes an intriguing look at the secularContinue reading “Christmas in Japan”