Disaster Tourism in Fukushima: Respectful or Dark?

In Oliver’s Friday Food For Thought, he wrote of a call from some Fukushima residents to turn ruins of the tsunami into a heritage site, similar to the Genbaku Dome in Hiroshima. The disaster should certainly be remembered, but what is the right way to do so? In 2018, CNN described Fukushima’s tourism “comeback”, citingContinue reading “Disaster Tourism in Fukushima: Respectful or Dark?”

Christmas in Japan

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated in Japan? On Christmas day, we at the Centre for Japanese Studies present to you an insightful video on the matter from the H-Net archives to answer this question. Christmas in Japan: Globalization versus Localization (2004) by Junko Kimura and Russell Belk takes an intriguing look at the secularContinue reading “Christmas in Japan”