[S2E6] 🪖 Remembering Kamikaze: Affect & War Memory with Dr Rumi Sakamoto

This week we are joined by Dr Rumi Sakamoto, Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies at the University of Auckland, to discuss remembering the kamikaze and the role of affect in war memory.

[S2E1] 👂 Reinterpreting Difficult Heritage: Mimizuka, “Hill of Ears” with Oliver Moxham

Welcome back to the second series of Beyond Japan! This week the tables are turned as Professor Simon Kaner, Director of the Sainsbury Institute, interviews host Oliver Moxham on the topic of his recently completed master’s thesis, Reinterpreting Difficult Heritage.

[S1E46] 🏞️ Gardens of War Memory with Prof Toshio Watanabe

For the series finale, Oliver is joined by Toshio Watanabe, Professor of Japanese Art and Cultural Heritage at the Sainsbury Institute, to discuss gardens of war memory, going over his latest project of transnational gardens across the Pacific with ties to the Asia-Pacific War (1937-45).

Workshop: Heritage from the margins? Shuri Castle and the Politics of Memory

On 5-6 March 2021, Kyushu University will host a workshop devoted to examining the ongoing memorial contestation over Shuri Castle in Okinawa, and its place within regional, national, and global narratives of meaning making.

CJS Research Webinar: Disaster Memory with Richard Lloyd-Parry and Dr Mark Pendleton

Thursday 5 November13:00-14:00 BSTZoom Webinar For our second CJS Research Webinar of the academic year, we are joined by The Times Asia Editor Richard Lloyd-Parry and the University of Sheffield’s Dr Mark Pendleton to discuss disaster memory in Japan. Discussion will be moderated by Nadine Willems, Lecturer of History at UEA, and Oliver Moxham, ProjectContinue reading “CJS Research Webinar: Disaster Memory with Richard Lloyd-Parry and Dr Mark Pendleton”