[S1E15] 🗣️ Esperanto & Transnational Language with Dr Ian Rapley

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Oliver is joined by Dr Ian Rapley, history lecturer at Cardiff University, exploring the transnational invented language of Esperanto, its legacy in Japan and the alternative historical perspective it provides. We apologise once more for the poor audio quality caused by unresolved technical difficulties, but we can happily confirm they have been solved for next week’s recording.

Ian’s research profile is available here.

Image credits:

[L] Capa do manual de Esperanto – 1930s by Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa (Portugal)

[R] 30-8v by Roland ROTSAERT

One thought on “[S1E15] 🗣️ Esperanto & Transnational Language with Dr Ian Rapley

  1. Very interesting.
    Just look at the numbers of participants in great congress of UEA and SAT – from Japan – great
    And the delegates from Japan, also a high number.
    Personal I have had great contacts with Japanese Esperantists, who brought Origami into my life.
    Now I use Origami-ideas for teaching Esperanto

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