[S2E22] 👤 The Body Politic with Dr Andreas Musolff

This week we are joined by Dr Andreas Musolff, professor at the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies at the University of East Anglia, to discuss the body politic and how metaphors for nations vary across the world. Andreas shares the insights from his recent book, National Conceptualisations of the Body Politic: Cultural Experience and Political Imagination, covering an 8-year survey of over 2,000 students across 29 countries.

[S1E15] 🗣️ Esperanto & Transnational Language with Dr Ian Rapley

Listen on your favourite podcast server: Oliver is joined by Dr Ian Rapley, history lecturer at Cardiff University, exploring the transnational invented language of Esperanto, its legacy in Japan and the alternative historical perspective it provides. We apologise once more for the poor audio quality caused by unresolved technical difficulties, but we can happily confirmContinue reading “[S1E15] 🗣️ Esperanto & Transnational Language with Dr Ian Rapley”