[S2E11] ⚡️ Net-Zero Japan with Prof Hiroshi Ōta

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Oliver is joined by Hiroshi Ōta, professor at the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University, to discuss Net-Zero Japan. With the COP26 gathering and a recently leaked document revealing the Japanese government as one of many lobbying for climate change to be taken off the UN agenda, I ask Hiroshi about the rhetoric and actions of the Japanese government in the face of climate change. Together we explore why they are reluctant to impose serious reforms of their energy policy and what alternatives exist for their dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear power.


METI – Ministry of Economic Trade and Industries

3E+S – The areas of policy covered by METI: Energy Securities, Efficiency, Environmental considerations + Safety.

TIC – Techno-Institutional Complex: Energy, Manufacture & Transport Industry

Anticipatory Governance – Governance that incorporates ideas of foresight, engagement & integrations

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[L] Historical trends in Japan’s primary energy supply. Source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Total Energy Statistics. Japan Atomic Energy Relations Organisation (JAERO) [53].

[R] The great wave by DonkeyHotey

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