[S2E11] ⚡️ Net-Zero Japan with Prof Hiroshi Ōta

This week we are joined by Hiroshi Ōta, professor at the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University, to discuss Net-Zero Japan. With the COP26 gathering and a recently leaked document revealing the Japanese government as one of many lobbying for climate change to be taken off the UN agenda, I ask Hiroshi about the rhetoric and actions of the Japanese government in the face of climate change.

[S2E5] 🙇‍♂️ Ritualising Scandal with Dr Igor Prusa

This week we are joined by Dr Igor Prusa, lecturer in Media Studies at the Metropolitan University Prague, who will discuss “Ritualising Scandal”. Igor takes us through the surprisingly structured social phenomenon of scandal in Japan, the necessity for tears in a televised confession, and how those who confess can actually come out better for it.

Beyond Japan Ep. #35: Peace, Youth Politics & Article 9 with Professor David Slater

Our third and final Shōtoku interviewee is Bryan Lowe, Assistant Professor of Religion at Princeton University, with whom Oliver will be getting to grips with the tricky task of reading history from mythology in ancient texts such as the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki.

Beyond Japan Ep. #23: Failed Revolutions – 1960 ANPO Protests & US Capitol Riots with Prof Nick Kapur

Listen on your favourite podcast platform or stream on YouTube This week we are joined by Nick Kapur, Associate Professor of History at Rutgers University, to discuss failed revolutions, drawing comparisons between the 1960 ANPO riots of Japan over US-Japan relations with the Capitol Hill Riot we saw on 6 January 2021. Although more thanContinue reading “Beyond Japan Ep. #23: Failed Revolutions – 1960 ANPO Protests & US Capitol Riots with Prof Nick Kapur”