[S2E12] 🤬 Historians & Online Harassment with Dr Paula R. Curtis

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Oliver is joined by Dr Paula R Curtis, Postdoctoral Fellow with the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies at UCLA, to discuss Historians and Online Harassment. Paula will share with me her experiences of being harassed by netto-uyoku (ネット右翼), online far-right nationalists who seek to hassle and discredit historians for their critical approach to Japan’s war history, as well as offer advice for researchers of controversial history who run afoul of nationalist netizens.

Read Paula’s article, ‘Taking the Fight for Japan’s History Online’

Read Prof J. Mark Ramseyer’s article, ‘Contracting for sex in the Pacific War

Read the Asia-Pacific Journal’s refutation of Ramseyer’s article, “Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War”: The Case for Retraction on Grounds of Academic Misconduct

Follow Paula on Twitter to see how she handles online harassment.

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