[CJS Research Webinar] Missing the Point: The Art of Translating Mishima Yukio with Prof Stephen Dodd

Join us on Thurs 9th Dec for our CJS Research Seminar where Prof Stephen Dodd describes his experience translating two of Mishima Yukio’s texts, ‘Beautiful Star’ and ‘Life for Sale’.

The Accidental Translator with Professor Nicole Rousmaniere

Join our Sainsbury Institute colleague Professor Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere for her lecture at Heidelberg University’s Institute of East Asian Art History on the inherent need to translate throughout her career as a Japanese Art Historian.

CJS Webinar: Translating Japanese Academia – Now Available on YouTube

Many thanks to those who were able to join us for last week’s webinar. The collaborative discussion between bilingual academics and translation specialists yielded fruitful insights into formal and informal translation practices, informing future Japanese-speaking academics of the practical uses of their language skills and useful advice when tackling their first translation. Those who missedContinue reading “CJS Webinar: Translating Japanese Academia – Now Available on YouTube”