[S1E23] 🪧 Failed Revolutions – 1960 ANPO Protests & US Capitol Riots with Prof Nick Kapur

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Oliver is joined by Nick Kapur, Associate Professor of History at Rutgers University, to discuss failed revolutions, drawing comparisons between the 1960 ANPO riots of Japan over US-Japan relations with the Capitol Hill Riot we saw on 6 January 2021. Although more than 60 years apart and in totally different contexts, Nick argues that there are several factors worthy of comparison, such as the role of polarising heads of state, the nationwide shocked response to televised political violence and how the media, state and people respond to these movements which never met their goals.

Nick’s research profile

You can order Nick’s book, Japan at the Crossroads: Conflict and Compromise after Anpo, here

Image credits:

[L] 1960 Protests against the United States-Japan Security Treaty by Asahi Shimbun Company

[R] Proud Boy Demonstrator, May Day 2017 by AdamCohn

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